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Patient Forms & Process

We have changed our process to keep our patients and staff safe: This is the current process we follow to see patients. 

  • 1. Schedule your telemedicine visit via website or by calling 301.567.2557 or by clicking here.
  • 2. Fill out and sign all needed forms 24 hrs before your visit with our providers:
  • 3. Check in for your telemedicine visit on time to be seen by a provider by clicking here.
  • 4. Pick up time: there are two ways to receive a pick up time. Call the office at 301.567.2557 after your visit with the provider or make your payment at time of booking and receive your pick up time at time or booking. 



We are trying to accommodate all patients. Some patients are not comfortable making a payment in advance BUT please be courteous and call to reschedule in advance for your schedule changes. 

For patients who are comfortable we have put a much simpler process in place to coordinate telemedicine visit and pick up time. 

Keep in mind If you are an essential member - pay as you go - and you miss your appointment and have not called to reschedule - on your next visit booking, your visit fee is payable before your visit in order to keep your spot. 

We respect our time and want to respect yours. The only way we keep pricing low is to have all spots booked and see our patients ya and take care of them in a timely manner. We can not do that if we have to double book during some times because we know some patients are in the habit of not keeping their appointments on top of complaining of wait time. 

There is nothing wrong with changes, we all know it happens, they are unexpected etc but communicating those changes to us are vital. 

Let’s work together, we are in this together. Let’s respect each other’s time and take care of you. ❤️ 

For questions or concerns or productive feedback click here ➡️ Our ears are perked and open for great solutions and suggestions. 

*HIPPA Privacy and Disclaimer Statement