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Medication Injection

We have so many FDA approved medications

  • Appetite suppressants (YES we have phentermine and so much more)
  • Water weight Blockers (reduces fluid build-up)
  • Fat Reduction Stimulants (
  • Sugar Craving Suppressants (if you’re a chocolate or sugar fiend, these can help)
  • Carbohydrate Reducers (to shave off the 
  • Salt craving tapers (to minimize cravings for snacks like potato chips)


    Do we have injections? We sure do...

     - Yes we have b12

     - Yes we have b6

     - Yes we have boosters

     - Yes we have mood stabilizers

     - Yes we have energy enhancers

     - Yes we have fat busters

     - We have the most injection combinations in the DMV area


    Does your body need vitamins?

     - We have them 

     - Multivitamins

     - Calcium

     - Potassium

    What else do we have?