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Charles Butler

Charles Butler

Famed Gospel Artist


From the outset, Charles set a goal for himself to lose 200lbs. He managed to accomplish this safely
and comfortably with a treatment plan that was customized for his busy on-the-road lifestyle,
a carefully assessed diet plan, and in-office assessments.

After One Year


90lbs / 200lbs lost

After Two Years


200lbs / 200lbs lost


Decalo Weight Loss client and fames gospel artist, Charles Butler, is one of our best-known weight loss success stories. Charles Butler is an amazing gospel artist with hits like, I Know it was the Blood, To His Credit. His latest release is the gospel CD, Make It. So successful was his album that it was nominated for stellar awards in two categories. To many of his fans and fellow artists, Charles is the epicure of success. But when the respected musician looked in the mirror, he realized that it was time to embark on a healthier lifestyle and present a healthier picture of himself to the world.

Once he decided to undertake a weight loss journey, the veteran singer knew he needed help and support in order to get it right. While starting this new chapter of his life, Charles Butler turned to Decalo Weight Loss Clinic. With the help of Dr.Aziz and his supporting team members, he set a weight loss goal of two hundred pounds. The team at our weight loss is responsible, successful, and long lasting.

Charles’ weight loss journey is different from that of many of our clients because he is choosing to make his decision to lose weight and get healthy public. He shares his weight loss progress and the tools our system provides him with on his Facebook page and openly discusses it in interviews. His fans and supporters are excited to see him taking control of his weight and feeling his body for success. One of the keys to success on the life-changing journey of weight loss is garnering as much support as possible. Charles Butler’s transparency on his weight loss journey is equipping him with a global support system of friends, family, and fans who are cheering him on towards success.

The gospel entertainer, himself, says, “U was at home studying music for the new EP and ran across the scripture which said, ‘They overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony.’ I knew then that I could do the.” And do it, he did! In a little more than one year, Charles successfully shed more than 90 pounds, and in two years, he shed more than 200 pounds using the decal weight loss system. He did it safely, comfortably, and using a treatment plan that was customized for his busy on-the-road lifestyle, carefully assessed eating habits, and in-office assessment.

Because the weight loss treatment plans we provide are highly customized to fit each client, there was no disruption to his busy schedule. The singer was able to keep up with the album production, rehearsals, album releases and performances. The recording artists, producers, radio disc jockeys, and musicians who worked with him are proud of his successful weight loss journey and weight management success.

As he continues to lose weight, our treatment plan for Charles Butler will continue to evolve to meet his ongoing nutritional and weight loss needs.

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