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Posted on February 20 2017

Several Years ago I started my journey with DECALO Weight Loss Therapy Program when I lost my mother due to chronic complications of diabetes. I knew that I was destined to go down a similar path if I did not break the cycle of being overweight and unhealthy. I committed to breaking the cycle. At first it was hard to change my bad eating habits and to find time to exercise, but noticed that I felt better when I did it. I became motivated, focused and disciplined. As the weight started to come off, others noticed that I looked different and encouraged me. I ended up losing 43 pounds. I no longer had to take insulin shots 3 or 4 times a day. 

I nearly lost 80 pounds. My hard work has paid off and led me down a path to weight loss and control of my diabetes with diet and exercise. Every chance I get, I encourage my family, friends and church members to join the DECALO program. Life is a journey and we all have choices to make about the path that is right for us. We can chose to break the cycle or remain on an unhealthy path of routine. I am much happier today because of my decision yesterday to use DECALO Weight Loss. 

Thank you DECALO for supporting me and being a part of my life's journey!