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Posted on January 03 2017

There I was again!! TWo hundred and thirty-three (233 lbs.) - 18
pounds more than I was 18 months ago, the day of mywedding! I wasdetermined that I was NOT going to be the woman who looked at her wedding picture and think: "Wow! Look how small I was!" No, not me! I didn't have ANY medical Issues so far - not even the "Triple Threats":hypertension, high cholesterol, or diabetes! It wouldn't make sense to be a 55-year old bride and develop these diseases and burden my husband and children with taking care of me! Besides, I have longevity In my family and I plan to keep that tradition going! 

I had lost 50 lbs. twice before and always gained It back, but not this time! I've got to do something different and I did! I prayed and gave It to God! I told Him that He knew I needed help with this Issue and that I was going to trust Him to send me to the right people or He would send the right people to me to help me lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF! I believed God! That’s what I dId different this time! 

About a week later while waiting In the nail salon with two other
women, one of them started a conversation about weight loss and how she had lost over 100 lbs. with Decalo Wellness and Weight Loss Center! While she was talking, I just closed my eyes and said "Thank you, Lord!" The following day, I called to make an appointment. April 1, 2014!

My first day was not April Fools' Day, but further confirmation I
that I had come to the right place! The office was as cheerful
as the receptionist and the staff. The consultants were friendly,
knowledgeable and professional. After the orientation, my physical 
and discussion of my Individual meal plan and medications, I was all set! I knew l had God on my side and he had provided me with the right doctor, staff, and tools to get this done and all for HIS glory!

I have to say that this plan was the EASIEST weight loss plan I have ever participated In and I have been on plenty! The appetite suppressants were the BOMB! I had to literally set my phone alarm to eat every three hours or I would forget to eat! Can you imagine?!?! Forgetting to eat?!?!? (I knew that not eating was NOT a good strategy because It would send my body Into "starvation mode", slow down my metabolism and slow down my welght loss progress)!