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We asked our patients and this is how they save on back to school spending ...

Posted on August 16 2018

Shop on the sales tax free days. In Maryland, those days are aug 12-18

Review your child’s supply list(s) and put together a shopping list that includes any additional children. 

Uniforms or no? If your child has to wear uniforms, locate the stores that carry the clothing and comparison shop & price match. 

If your child’s school does not require uniforms and for other non uniform items, make a list and compare sales and use price match 

School Pictures - get the class pic, you don’t need the largest packages (how many do you already have sitting around 🤔)

Lunches - some schools have changed to but free due to the rise in allergies. Be aware of foods that may cause mood and/or energy changes. Check about your schools specifics, review the labels (sugar, sodium,etc.) and shop for the best sale. 

Schedule - come up with the daily “before leaving for school” schedule and keep it. The schedule needs to include every expected/needed item/action (ie. Waking up, tooth brushing, dressing, eating, etc). Structure enables a prepared start to the day and sets them up for success. Talk to your children before their school year starts about the schedule and be sure to maintain a structured beginning. For younger children, a picture schedule can assist and be fun. 

Communication - Have a discussion about the new school year. Find out what your child may be mulling over in their thoughts. For younger children, games and/or social stories can provide assistance. Open ended questions accompanied by listening offer plenty of opportunity to learn. 

Stay tuned for our back to school drive. We have partnered with Blue Rose Inc. who focuses on charity and education community outreach.