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Self-Care An Everyday Challenge

Posted on January 10 2020

Self-care is an everyday challenge for me. Being aware of the importance of self-care has empowered me to discover ways to incorporate acts of self-love & kindness into my daily life.  When I nurture myself daily, I am able to live from a place of love and light. Creating healthy boundaries and holding space for myself is a process that evolves regularly.  Whether it be reading a book, enjoying the outdoors, participating in wellness workshops, meeting socially with friends and/or meditating I continuously find new ways to grow and practice self-love.  There are endless ways to care for oneself, and becoming aware of how necessary it is to nurture and love yourself is the beginning of a life full of abundance and joy.


When we give more than we receive, our bodies deplete, our stamina and resilience decreases and our sense of worth weakens. Setting healthy boundaries has a profound effect on empowering ourselves; therefore stimulating and promoting a balanced and harmonious environment. Sounds like perfection to me. What would it look or feel like for you to create healthy boundaries?

What are your thoughts and beliefs about self-care? How do you take care of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being? What actions can you take to better incorporate acts of self-care into your daily routine?