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Maintaining Your Weight Loss In The Summer

Posted on August 03 2017

The log, lazy days of summer are finally here. While the kids are on summer break from Washington DC’s schools, it’s the ideal time for family vacations, and backyard cookouts. It can also be one of the most challenging times of the year to create or maintain a weight loss program. It’s a little easier to maintain control of portion sizes and food choices when children, with their naturally healthy appetites and amazing metabolism, are in school all day. When summer rolls around and children are eating three meals a day plus snacks at home, it can be hard to resists that temptation. These tips from Dr. John Aziz can help.

Provide Healthy Snack And Meal Choices
Pre-portion nuts, cookies, and chips into 100-calorie packets. Keep watermelon, peaches, and other summer fruits on hand. Try adding them to bowls on open counters or cutting them up into chilled fruit salad. Kids will be happy with these sweet choices – especially if they’re the only ones available.

Add Veggies To Everything
Add veggies to spaghetti, chili, even hamburger patties. Don’t hide them – your kids need to know that veggies are good for them – but adding them to things they won’t even notice is a good way to get your family’s daily requirements met.

Eat, Don’t Graze
It’s hard to avoid tasting and sampling when preparing meals. Those little tastes and samples can add up in calories quickly, though. Try to eat meals in portion controlled amounts, and get into the habit of paying attention to your body’s signals to stop eating when you’re full.

Fill Your Plate (and Theirs) The Right Way
Fill half your plate with fruits and veggies, a quarter of your plate with carbs, and the final quarter with lean protein. You’ll feel full fast and your kids probably won’t even notice how healthily they’re eating. Serve fewer carbs and starches and choose healthy summer treats they’ll flock to.

Get The Kids In On The Exercise Act
Plan family bike rides, hikes, and neighborhood walks. Exercise is always more fun when it’s not done alone. Even yoga and group exercise can be done with the youngest of children. There’s another bonus: without the regularity of physical education classes, and with the onslaught of video games, children are becoming far too sedentary. Remember that what we think of as exercise, children think of as simple play.

Get your whole family in on the healthy eating and healthy lifestyle track. It’s never too early to instill lifelong habits in your children or yourself. Involving the children has the added benefit of keeping you focused and keeping your goals on track. Washington, DC has beautiful summers and great outdoor sites and adventures. Dr. John Aziz is committed to helping you find the customized weight loss measures you need to get the body you deserve. Take advantage of the gorgeous summer days and perfect outdoor weather to get active and fit. Your waistline will appreciate it and your whole family with thank you.