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How Eating Five Meals A Day Can Help You Lose Weight

Posted on August 03 2017

Does eating more meals each day in order to more effectively lose weight sound like an oxymoron? Of course. It works, though. Here’s why. Eating five small meals, instead of three large ones, each day has its merits. Among other things, it gives you more energy, reduces hunger pangs and food cravings, effectively balances blood sugar levels, and helps build lean muscle mass. Do you think you don’t have enough time to eat five smart meals each day? Here’s how to make it easier.
Make sure each meal contains a source of protein, a small amount of high-fiber carbohydrates, and the right ratio of healthy fats.
Plan ahead by making planned leftovers, pre-portioning meals and snacks, and kissing fast food restaurants goodbye.

Do not allow yourself to get into the habit of skipping meals. Doing so can sends your body and your metabolism into an internal tizzy. Your metabolism will slow itself down in an effort to make the food it has in store last longer. You’re also more likely to overeat at your next meal when you skip a meal, and your blood sugar levels quickly fall out of balance. This can cause you to feel lightheaded on the inside and appear cranky and grouchy on the outside.

Eating small meals every few hours – starting within an hour of waking up – ensures a steady rate of metabolism throughout the day. When you eat three meals a day, your body cycles off and on and learns to store what it needs for later fuel. Eating many mini meals a day means your body is continually working to digest and process food and distribute it throughout your body as fuel. Think of it this way – grazing (eating at short regular intervals of the day) keeps your metabolism in gear while keeping your appetite at bay.

Strive to avoid going more than four hours between meals. At that point, your blood sugar starts to drop. The key to eating multiple meals each day is to reduce the size of those meals without reducing the amounts of healthy components in each meal. Lean chicken and beef, healthy nuts, and nutrient packed smoothies are a great way to meet your daily intake of protein. Beans, fruit, and whole grains are excellent sources of good-for-you carbohydrates. Lean fish (like salmon), beans, and other legumes make it easy and tasty to get the daily fat your body needs.

Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water each day as well. Infuse your water with fruit – try cucumber and mint – to make it easier to consume the right amount on a daily basis. You might also need to redefine what constitutes a meal. Strive to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, one quarter of your plate with healthy, whole grains, and the final quarter of your plate with lean sources of protein.

Food and meal quality, a bit of attention to calories, and appropriate portion sizes ultimately make all the difference in creating a nutritious meal plan. Trust our recommendation, eat five smart meals each day, and your body will do more than simply look better. It will feel better, too!