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Winter Goals

Posted on April 06 2018

Winter Goals | DECALO Weightloss, Wellness and Pain Mngt.
It's a new month with new weather. Switch it up and give some of our recommended goals a try. Here are a couple of things to keep you on track to living out the best possible version of your life:
1. Check in with your 2018 New Years resolutions - are you on target
2. Assess where you are in a loving, non self loathing way
3. Reset, Continue, Adapt and/or Modify depending on your assessment
4. Declutter your refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and pantry. If you have items that have just been sitting (dressings, sauces, cans, frozen foods, snacks, etc), remove them and free up space. Take those items to a local food bank or shelter. Your clutter could be someone else’s treasure.