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Posted on January 03 2017

Growing up I never paid attention to my weight, it was always how I looked in clothes, how cute I was. I was always chunky and I was okay with that. My doctor always said that I was healthy and that was fine with me. 

It wasn't until last year when I went in for a check up and was told I was pre-diabetic and I freaked out. That's something my mom was battling with all her life and I saw that she had to go through. Not just my mom other family members suffered from the major complications of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. I'm only 27 and I didn't want that for my life.

When the doctor said, " Tiffany you are pre-diabetic and I am going to start you on medication today, " that was the sign from God to stop reckless behavior I've become so use to. That day I weighed in at 342 Ibs. I couldn't believe I let myself get to that wight. But I didn't see it all I saw was how good I looked in my clothes. 

I went home, never got the prescription filled, and I made the decision to change things that day. I threw out all the chips, cookies and processed food. It didn't leave much for me to work with but that was okay. 

I started decreasing calorie intake by 200 every month. eating only fresh fruits and vegetables, my protein was only baked or grilled. And I started eating more often throughout the day which was hard. I would say within four months I had dropped 20 Ibs! By this point my clothes were looking extra nice on me. Things started to regulate, my blood pressure was normal, my blood sugar was where my doctor wanted it, and I could walk without getting winded. I incorporated exercise and the weight really came off. 

By spring I was happy with the results I had achieved on my own but I wanted more, so I tried HCG Slim MAx. I was very hesitant only eating 800 calories a day, I was afraid of being hungry. But I work with some very supportive women who have done it before and they were more than willing to help me while I went through this. HCG Slim Max was challenging but I got through it and was very successful. It got me to a place that I never thought I would get to. My relationship with food changed. I've learned that it is for nourishment and not comfort. You become so aware f what you're eating and that awareness is motivation to not slip back into old habits. 

I am more comfortable with myself, working at Decalo. I feel better about educating patients on the importance of weight loss because i've been there. I know what they are going through. And believe it or not that is more motivation to keep going, to keep losing because I have to live with whatever consequences may come from not living a healthier life. 

I have only reached a small milestone in my journey and I have so much more to go but I have a purpose and that will keep me going. 

Yes. Having a great support system is good butthis is something you have to do for yourself. You have one life to live why not live it to the fullest! Being held back because of poor health is something I will not let happen as long as I can help it.